The Rising Number of Lawsuits: Crucial Facts and Ways to Protect Your Company

An employee contacted a lawyer about workplace discrimination, alleging he was not given a promotion because of his age.  The employee admitted that he had shown up late on numerous ...

Dealing with Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

It seems like the dam has finally burst with complaints by victims of unwanted sexual advances coming from all walks of life: the government, the media, corporations and institutions ...

Improve Talent Acquisition Without Increasing Your Costs

A lot of staffing companies are hesitant to offer voluntary benefits to their employees. With the rising cost of health insurance premiums, employers jump to the conclusion that their ...

8 Tips on Cyber Security for Staffing Companies

Raise your hand if your staffing company has credit card or billing information on its servers. Raise your other hand if there is personal employee information like addresses and social ...

Staffing Firms Face Growing Threat of Data Breaches

It can be a staffing company’s worst nightmare— the discovery that hackers have infiltrated its computer networks and made off with job candidates’ personal information and other ...
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